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Photography is my passion. I love to shoot!

While in college, I enrolled in some photography classes and fell in love with the art form. I wanted to be a professional photographer. My family said "no no no" your a father and you need to get a traditional degree to support your family. I blinked and acquiesce to their wishes. I got my degree and and became a good corporate soldier. In my spare time I continued to shoot with my Nikon F-mount film camera. About 13 years ago I resigned my position to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. I went to a City College and took the entire curriculum twice. Since I already had a degree the professors and administration (after much convincing) allowed me to design my own curriculum. Thirteen years ago I launched my business and have been shooting professionally ever since.

The goal of any professional photographer should be to create an atmosphere where a client feels comfortable and confident. A picture is a moment in time, so a clients inner and outer essence & beauty should resonate in every photo. My job is to make that happen. In use both Nikon D700 / D7100/ D800 & D810 while shooting. In addition, I shoot with several different lenses to capture the mood and tenor of the occasion. I'm comfortable shooting in natural light and with strobes. I use speed lights and profoto mono strobe lights to create beautiful photos.


We specialize in:

1. Weddings

2. Parties

3. All the "O" Celebrations (i.e.. 30, 40, 50, 60, etc bday celebrations)

4. Head Shots, both theatrical and commercial

5. Vegas Celebrations / Special Events

6. Band photography

7. Graduations

8. Religious Events

9. Maternity / Baby life cycle pictures

10. Ask about our PhotoBooth



Eric Emanuel


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